Merciful Genocide is Recruiting PvPers UK/US TZ!

Greetings from the depths of Tenerifis. Merciful Genocide is seeking skilled and experienced PVPers and jacks of all trades. We are a member of FUBAR, an alliance that is part of the newly formed ‘Mistakes Were Made’ Coalition. Our goal is simple: to be the frontline corp protecting the alliance and bashing down the bad guys doors. We live in the fringes of our alliances space where we are the front line to any incoming content. Due to the aggressive nature of Null and the professionalism of Merciful Genocide, we require a minimum of 25 mill SP however we will also consider slightly lower SPs on a case by case basis.

What we offer:

  • Excellent Small Gang PvP due to the nature of our recent standings reset.
  • Safe space to rat
  • Coalition and Alliance PVP ops
  • Null, Low sec and WH expeditions for PvP content
  • Moon Mining
  • A corp hanger stocked with doctrine ships
  • Logistics chain

What we expect:

  • Comms is a must, we use Mumble for voice comms.
  • Be willing to participate.
  • No selfish plays, if alliance members need back up then we back them up.
  • 25 mill minimum SP or close to.

Contact Tauri Padecain or Lucari Cellere ingame or join us ingame on the ‘Merciful Genocide Public’ channel and hang out!
Fly like you stole it! Tauri Padecain o7


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Recruiting experienced PvPers

Recruitment closed for the moment

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