Gente de Latinoamerica

Buenas camaradas latinoamericanos ¿Qué tal les trata Eve ?¿Hay mas foros de latino?
En cuestión no he encontrado tanta gente que sea latino por Eve.

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6. Please use the correct language when posting.

The default language for posting on the EVE Online forums is English. Please use English when posting as a courtesy to other forum users, unless the forum channel is specifically created for discussion in another language as part of our localized language specific sub-forums.

Hola, no creo que muchos latinos juegan a ese juego jajajja, sos el unico que encuentro hasta 10 anios … ^^

Please go learn spanish, it’s easy, and it’s the second most spoken language in the world.

Thank me later.

I prefer the body language. :raising_hand_woman:

Natively yes it is second, and Mandarin is the first… so why not tell people they must learn that instead?

Also, telling people to learn a language because X is just being ignorant. Might as well tell the OP to learn English because it is the most spoken language currently on the planet followed by Mandarin and Spanish is fourth.

So… Learn Mandarin, thank me later…

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No it isnt.

Each Spanish speaking nation might not have a whole lot of players, but all Spanish speaking players combined likely add up to a decently sized population. Moreover, there are also in-game corp ads for 7 or 8 Spanish speaking corps (and many more for corps that list Spanish as one of their languages).

Obviously, the Spanish speaking population likely doesn’t hold a candle to the English speaking pop, but I’m sure there are plenty of Spanish speakers out there -it’s just a matter of seeking out their communities.
No P2W



Whoever made that map doesnt know GB =/= UK

You misspelled “wrong”. :stuck_out_tongue:


Not for Scottish speakers, it’s… “wraaang”… bud …

Sim há muitos , mas a maioria são do brasil

Dont you mean “Wrrrraung”

Unless youre a filthy lowlander, I suppose

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Glasgow, so yes

Yer wraaang mate


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Brrrrraaassssiiiiiiuuuuuuuuuiiiiiiiuuuuuuuuiiiiiiuuuuuuiiiiiuuiiiiiiiiiiiii …

t’sall aboot teh kikaff agehn eh ?


Its always kikin auf this side of the Irish Sea, cousin

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Butifarra de pages


Donde esta la biblioteca?

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