Get rich on your own time!

Rosewood Resources and Logistics LLC (“Rosewood”) is a new corporation headquartered in the Jakanerva System in The Forge that specializes in mining, industry, and hauling. Rosewood’s stakeholders are its clients, members, and shareholders. Its corporate mission is to offer its clients market-best prices, to foster a mutually-beneficial environment for its members, and to enrich its shareholders with monthly dividends.

Rosewood welcomes all players. We’re particularly geared toward players with unpredictable schedules, solo/semi-afk playstyles, and/or a desire to roleplay a serious corporation. You do not need to join Discord, Teamspeak, Mumble, etc., to participate fully in Rosewood. All necessary communication takes place through in-game mail and chat.

We offer members:

  • a free Procurer after 10 days of active membership
  • weekly and monthly competitions with prizes
  • milestone-based rewards
  • milestone-based titles
  • corporate tax rate of 0.5%
  • ore-buy-back at 90% Jita

After at least 10 days of active participation in the corporation, members may also apply to join the Affiliate Division or the Security Division. Rosewood’s affiliates identify opportunities in the mining, industry, transport, and financial sectors and develop them on behalf of the corporation. Rosewood’s security officers protect corporate assets and eliminate threats posed by pirates and gankers.

Affiliates and security officers are expected to report to the director at least once a week through in-game mail. In addition to the benefits that all members enjoy, affiliates and security officers also have access to:

  • need-based skill book reimbursement
  • milestone-based PLEX rewards
  • time-based and milestone-based share vesting
  • monthly dividends

Rosewood warmly welcomes you!

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