ORZHOV LOGISTICS is looking for mining and industrial minded players

We are a small casual Corporation looking to grow into a larger casual corporation.

If you are tired of being just another name on the corporate chat and want to be involved we are for you.

If you have wanted to join a corp but did not want to have to fly PVP or move to nul/low sec we are a high sec corp and we are for you.

We have no requirement other than to have fun playing this great game and to learn and grow as we do it.

Some of what we offer

  • Low Tax
  • Not war eligible
  • Ore buy back program
  • Mining boosts
  • A place to do Manufacturing / Copying / Research / Inventions / Refining
  • If you wan to get started in PI we can show you how
  • And much more

Oh and if you want to go shoot pirates or run missions we do that to

Come join us and grow with us

reach out to us in game on the ORZHOV_Recruiting channel

or apply to join game by looking up our corporation Orzhov Logistics and clicking “Apply to Join”



Orzhov is still looking for new members

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