T.L.C Intersystem Logistics needs miners and industrialists [US]

T.L.C Intersystem Logistics is recruiting.

We are a small mining and industrial corporation that needs new and veteran recruits to assist with goals associated with a long-term project being developed by our alliance. We need new recruits particularly miners to reach those goals. We will help you learn new skills, earn ISK and survive.

What we offer:

  • Weekly High Sec ice and ore mining fleets with free boosts
  • Access to a large BPO library
  • Help and advice with getting started with:
    - Planetary Industry
    - BPO Research
    - Manufacturing
  • Corporate skill plans
  • Periodic low sec and WH mining/gas huffing excursions
  • Free ships for rookie players.
  • Ore and Ice Reprocessing
  • Tax rate: 5%

What we ask for:

  • No skill point requirements.
  • No PvP from characters in our corporation (use an alt).
  • Access to Discord.
  • Keep the drama to a minimum.

We try our best to create an environment that is inclusive and helpful to our corp mates particularly new players. We also recognize that the real world comes first! Everyone has to set their own priorities and we will never ask for more time from our corporation members than they can give.

If you are interested contact Bao Chi Sandival.