Get Rid of Built in NPC Insurance Payouts

Get Rid of Built in NPC Insurance Payouts.

Such as when you lose a Badger Industrial you by default gain 410,000 Isk credits.

This floods the game with yet another Isk Faucet and Hurts the Free Market and Player Driven Content. Insurance should be totally player created content, or a built in system and UI that is utilized by players.

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Insurance is an ISK faucet, but it’s not very big.

Ship insurance pays the “worth” of the ship only for the very basic Alpha ships; once you move to bigger ships, and especially Tech 2 ships, faction ships, and Capital ships, the insurance payout is minuscule. Especially because these ships are fitted with expensive modules, and the insurance does NOT cover the modules.

CCP introduced the 40% default payout just to help newbies out. It really doesn’t do much beyond the newbie ships.

“Insurance” in this game makes no roleplay sense; nobody would insure anything that’s about to be destroyed. Insurance in this game is literally just a game mechanic to lessen the penalty of death (and promote PVP), and as explained above, it’s tuned by CCP to only do anything worth mentioning for newbie ships.

If you want to reduce faucets, go after the NPC pirate bounties, from missions, anomalies, and ratting in low and nullsec.
Also, if you look at that graph from the Monthly Economic Report, going back several months / years, you’ll see that the sinks and faucets are somewhat balanced, so your “Hurts the Free Market and Player Driven Content” assessment isn’t true.

EDIT: Also, feel free to commit insurance fraud with the Badgers. The Career Agents give newbies free Badgers, so they often get sold for much less than the 400k credits. Feel free to buy them and self-destruct for insurance payouts. Or, try to educate the newbies to do that and/or not sell for 200k. Either or, doesn’t much matter.

EDIT2: Insurance IS a player-created system, it’s called Ship Replacement Program (SRP), most alliances have it. The alliance will give you a replacement ship, if you lose your ship during a PVP fight to defend the alliance. They do this for all big ships including capital ships. So we’ve taken care of it already. That’s what taxes are for; if you’re in a corp that taxes you but you get absolutely no benefits (such as free replacement ships), then you’re not in a very good corp.


This bit actually isn’t true. Capitals are T1 ships, and have the same sort of pay out ratio that a T1 frigate would.
They could probably remove insurance for capitals. Or maybe pay out insurance on a region basis rather than a ‘how much did you invest’ basis. Highsec pays 40%, Low 20%, Null & WH 0%. And remove the whole pay to insure your ship option.
But yeah, for the most part it’s a good way to soften death for poorer people (Isk graph said a year or so back most players had well under 500 Million in isk in wallet, if not even less.)

Personally I’d like to see insurance removed in it’s entirety. It’s an obsolete system with T2 and faction being insured at 100% for 3-5% of their actual value anyway. The game definitely needs less isk faucets of all kinds, given that isk is quickly gaining on the Zimbabwe dollar in terms of value. (Even though we all know incursions and nullsec anoms are the cancer mainly causing that.)

Incursions have squat all to do with it.
And inflation is almost non existent.

You are confusing supply & demand changes due to balance patches for inflation.

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Incursions are a major faucet, so they very much have to do with it. (Albeit much less than they used to.) And inflation is most definitely existent and then some. (Or we would still be paying 700m for 30 days worth of plex.)

Supply and demand isn’t being confused here. Balance patches don’t affect plex costs, inflation does.

PS: Reading back over your post, I’m not sure we’re even on the same topic, as nothing you said even really makes sense in regards to what I’m saying, or it even contradicts itself. Perhaps if you reword what your trying convey it would be clearer.

Plex is being inflated by supply & demand. Most Plex go through several peoples hands before actually getting used per CCP’s release a while back. Additionally the jumps in plex price can be clearly linked to increases in use for them.
Inflation would mean that all goods, or at least the large majority, were increasing in price at roughly the same rate indicating that the currency was seeing a general loss in value.

And no, Incursions are not a ‘major’ faucet. Not unless you count about 10% as ‘major’ anyway. If you are counting 10% as major then ok, sure they are. But Faucets are not significantly out of line with sinks. We have a very small increase in isk supply each month, and the CPI actually is long term trending downwards. Which is a sign that inflation is not happening.

There is an argument that the capital/super ratting is landing too much wealth in a small number of peoples hands, but that’s a different sort of issue from inflation.

Much clearer, thank you. While I don’t disagree with your assessment of PLEX, it’s also a strong indicator of inflation, one of the most stable in fact (outside of occasional sales) which is why PLEX is everyone’s goto for keeping massive amounts of stored isk safe from the rampant inflation. (I do this as well on long breaks from eve, and always return upto a year later with a 15-25% increase in stored isk as a result.)

I do consider 10% significant when we’re talking the global economy, but I would wager incursions are higher than that. (I’ll have to back over the vegas charts to double check.)

Finally capital/super ratting is indeed my main concern, as it is now the majority of the isk inflation/oversupply in eve by a vast margin. And is in dire need of a nerf, and to hell with the alliance’s complaints to the contrary.

A commodity that keeps getting additional demand loaded onto it with no change or maybe even a decrease in supply increasing in price is not an indicator of inflation. CCP placed additional demand on plex with alpha’s and the new injectors associated with them for example. But supply is not going to change significantly in response to that.
Yes it’s a relatively steady investment, but we simply haven’t seen any remotely corresponding increase in the cost of the staples of EVE, ships & modules. Yes T2 stuff is currently spiking but given the massive upheaval on the T2 supply side, of course it was always going to do that.
So a single commodity where there are known increases in demand rising in price is not an inflation indicator.

For how much incursions bring in.
December MER.
Total isk faucets. 104.1 Trillion. Incursions. 8.3 Trillion. (Less than WH blue loot)
November MER
Total isk faucets. 101.3 Trillion. Incursions. 9.1 Trillion. (Less than WH blue loot)

Those sorts of numbers are fairly stable back to about Feb/March, with Aug/Sep as an outlier where bounties dropped badly then came back up (I believe there was a war involving goons) So yeah, recently incursions have been under 10%.

Insurance is a silly thing, but its not doing much, if any, harm.

It can also function as a sink.

Probably best for CCP to focus on other things.

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