[GFIG] Go Figure of Projectile Dysfunction - Primarily PVP

What’s the craic?

Go Figure is a group of people who’ve played together for years mixed in with new faces. I’ve not long come back to the game after some time away (we all know the drill) and I’ve come back to start something new and see where we get. We’re primarily EU but have some US people as well.

I know it’s cliché at this point but the corp is community focused and ‘for the group’. This isn’t the home for lone cowboy ratters or fair weather sailors. We wanted to build something people could make real friends in, come back to, and enjoy playing the game with a group.

What do we offer?

  • Syndicate based
  • Small gang roams
  • Minimal blue list
  • An opportunity to shape something, and not be a number
  • SRP
  • Rats of course
  • Rorqual Mining
  • Experienced members to help guide lower SP and returning players

Who are we looking for?

  • Team Players
  • Willingness to participate on CTAs
  • Experience in null but if not at least the ability to learn
  • Chilled and no drama
  • A willingness to train into doctrine when needed
  • Friendly

Like all null alliances (the sensible ones) every new person needs to supply their full ESI and have a chat before we let you in. You’ll find us in POD EXPRESS channel in game, otherwise feel free to have a look at the alliance website to be wowed by pictures and stuff like that https://www.cynoup.space

This is a bump.

We’re still recruiting of course.

Beginning to slowly grow but from acorns grow mighty oaks.

You know the drill.

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