Ghostsites 5th can

Since the change last week I find a 5th can (above the 4 normally found). So far I found that this 5th can is always empty. Anyone had more luck?

  • Aunt

I think someone found out they have materials required for the production of the new BPOs .
And also, it’s not destroyed by the rats.

i have scanned and hacked 4-5 ghost sites in null in the last week, and did not see any 5th can. Are you sure it is a real can? not a scenery/decor item?
did you have to hack it to open it?

Some new materials from data sites are exclusive to high and lowsec and can not be found in null. They may as well have added 5th can only to high and low ghost sites.

3 high sec ghost sites had empty 5th can for me.

Always empty for me. Maybe incoming patches will change it.

in low sec they have electro-neural signaller

I made a video finding it. EVE Online - Finding The Electro-Neural Signaller (Semi Turotial) - YouTube

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