Gideon Zendikar for CSM16

Greetings fellow capsuleers.

Compared to others that are applying for CSM16 I am one of the newer applicants. Like many others I began my eve career as a member of ProviBloc. After a short time I was completely hooked by this space game that can be really rough to you but also gives you something very few games provide: A community to interact with - be it hostile or friendly - most of my encounters within eve have been good. As a fellow member of this community I want to give back to this amazing community hence I am running for CSM16.

My story in EvE:
Unlike many others my history is on this single account with a trading alt and my only PvP toon “Gideon Zendikar” - so you can look up my PvP history by checking that characters killboard using the typical sites.
As mentioned above I started in ProviBloc and quickly started FCing/PvPing with my old Alliance Elemental Tide. I learned the basics of nullsec and tried my best to sustain myself within republicovs crazy frigate and destroyer kitten roams.
When my corperation decided to leave ProviBloc with Evictus. I doubled down on my FCing.
After leading my fellow members into many battles and getting better by doing so I quickly started FCing for the whole Legacy Coalition during several of the conflicts they had during that time (Winter War against FRT e.g.) But as all good things my time with Evictus. came to an end when their development did not coincide with where I wanted to go within EvE.
As a former member of ProviBloc I returned to where I started. But this time it was different . I did not join ProviBloc but the group fighting my former comrades. Going back to my roots within T.R.C but far more experienced I did what I excel at: Take newbros, shape them into a formidable force and try to get them involved within the community as active new members.
Overcoming our archenemy I continued FCing within T.R.C until the day that a certain Reddit post was created that introduced me to the bad that can happen to you personally within a game that creates such tight bonds with your fellow peers.
After being accused of being a spy for the Initiative I joined the cooperation I currently am a part of and this is where my story is currently at:

I reside in Thera and mainly do solo/small gang PvP with my fellow peers in D-sync. I keep FCing from time to time and can usally be spotted in my Gnosis trying to get a good fight.

Reading my EvE history you might be able to see that my way through EvE has not been without bumps and that my play style is unusual. This can give me a perspective many other candidates currently no longer have: Flying a single account and trying to take on the struggles that EvE provides while maintaining your assets even if you PvP for the most part. I can emphasize with the struggles of being relatively spacepoor and still trying to achieve something you set your mind to.
Hopefully if you guys and occasional girls agree I can set my mind to improving this amazing community that can make you feel warm and fuzzy while later hitting you like a train.

Things that I would like to be adressed:

  1. Marauder rebalancing: The short bastion in combination with the short MJD cycles makes marauders really punishing for smaller groups that would like to “punch” up. Just by using their MJD every 54 seconds they beat a lot of BCs MWD movementspeed.

  2. Removal of JC timers when switching clones while being in the station (adjusting to the way it works within citadels)

  3. Rebalancing of income sources so that risk and reward are more inline:
    There is a massive imbalance between the ammount of money you can make running safe highsec incursions compared to the “dangerous” regions of EvE

  4. Changing the way mobile warp disruptors can currently be deployed:
    Everyone who has hunted has run into gates/wormholes that have massive ammounts of bubbles anchored around them that make it impossible to catch anything as you waste so much time burning out of these bubbles. There would be several vectors to adress their current usage and I would be happy with any:

  • reduce hp so that they can easily be removed by a roaming party
  • increase distance needed away from gates/whs when anchoring one
  • remove them and give that task to hictors/dictors
  1. Increase value of fitting, reduce value of hulls: pirateering would be in a much healthier place if the ammount of loot you would get from regular t2/meta 4 fitted ships would increase. This would not affect PvE players directly by keeping “cut” even point of their activity the same while increasing the incentives to go out and hunt those roaming in space.
    If loot would be a bigger income source of our day to day activities that would also be a much needed benefit for being in a smaller group: The fewer mouths to feed to more will be left over for you.

  2. Find a healthy way to reduce afkable income sources like AFK Orca mining in highsec or gila/ishtar ratting in nullsec

  3. Botting is an issue but I think every candidate will write that as their slogan: At least I can point to being very vocal about these issues as an FC and within the leadership roles I had in past alliances.

See you in space,

Gideon Zendikar


Gets my Vote o/\o

gets my vote to o//

Smart guy, very friendly, terrible gnosis pilot. You got my upvote!

RIP, take my vote, improve the game and don’t make gnosis too overpowered

Nobody should vote for a spy.

From the required tab to apply for csm:

• If you are running as an “alt” and control a character that has a reputation in the EVE universe, CCP may require you to run under that identity at its full discretion.

If I had any signicficant alts CCP could make me run with that alt - so in some way this is also a way to prove that I never had any significant account in another party. Which addmitidly would not disprove me ever spying but it would disprove that I ever had any personal gains as RC had full API of my char and as far as I know there were not any money streams they claimed they had that coincided with their spy claims.

So I either spied for no money that I could easily get if I ever were or the accusation is just wrong.

Fly unsafe but be safe o/

Another possibility for this rule could be that Gideon Zendikar is a significant alt. I don’t know.

10/10 would vote again. My one request for your rule would be to kindly request a Gnosis BPO from CCP :slight_smile:

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