Gift Card

This may seem a bit of a long shot, but who would be interested in an Eve Online gift card? It would just like what it seems, a gift card for use with Eve Online. Similar cards exist for Amazon, Steam, and other websites (I even remember WoW gift cards). I am thinking this could bring a greater awareness of Eve Online (I didn’t know about Eve until I was told about nearly five months ago, and I dragged feet for a couple months before trying it, despite the fact that Eve has been around for over a decade). The cards could be found among other gift cards in any given store and purchased as such.

Card Denominations could be:


These values are based on the approximate value of Plex vs IRL USD to purchase Omega time. Yes, this idea might have already been discussed and deep sixed, but I just wanted to throw it out.

You can already plex for someone else or buy plex for someone else I believe.
What value would this add beyond awkwardness for CCP to deal with physical objects.

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