I have EVE Online Trading Cards. What to do with them / Anyone interested


It seems my stone age EVE account still exists :wink:

Anyways, I have some EVE Online Trading cards here. Neatly in a binder.
I would like to find a new destination for them, perhaps there is a market for them out there.
Or someone better than me who is interested.

However, I have not looked at EVE for many many years. So I’m not sure where to look or even if there is still a place for these cards.

If there are any tips, hints to idea’s our there for what to do with them. I’m open for suggestions.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Send them to me, and ignore everyone else.

Problem solved.

Mail them to CCP headquarters in London or Reykadontcaretospellitjavik, and include a nice letter stating that you donate these items to Aiko Danuja. They will then store them for me indefinitely. Thank you!

Did not even know these existed.
Just keep them, Im sure they will become a nice collector item in the long term future.

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Actually, is this what those are?

Rare collectible item from 2006? Im sure it will fetch a good price at some point in the future, if it does not already in 2022, 16 years after it was released.

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Turn them into NFTs and get rich.



I’d say give them to Mike, if he doesn’t have them already.

Document every one in your 100 page essay about how EVE online ruined/saved your life.


Those are always cool to find. Hang onto them if you got them, they make neat collectables. If you dont want them, they sell decently, or you could see if anyone in the community wants them. I know I’d want more.

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I too have! Missing about 5 or so I think but can’t recall which ones :frowning:

Bought up a lot when those boxes where cheapish… So glad I did compared to what they take for the few that are left now.


I suggest find out how much they’re worth, then put them up for sale on Ebay or Amazon, maybe do an auction…

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Thanks for all in input guys & gals :slight_smile:

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How about photocopy every single card and upload it to the internet for preservation?

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