Eve tcg

I got these cards at eve new england about 8 years ago. One is off a lot, the texture is all wierd. Is this a know printing problem or fake?

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Never seen or searched for those trading cards before but at first glance at a online picture it can be seen when looking at the top row is landscape rather than portrait and without knowing all one can assume it follows the same logic when viewing the rear of the card.

Knowing if they are authentic would have to be known by where they were obtained.

/found this image online

Anyhow it is good to see that something like that even exists, welcome to the community o/


I have a few landscape but its just the one card. I got them all from ccp guard and rise.

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If you got those cards from CCP Guard and CCP Rice, it’s a good bet they’re authentic.

As for that card being different from all the rest, maybe it was missing from the deck and they replaced it with one from an older deck…

Anyway, gratz on getting some real CCP/Eve loot and welcome to the forum community.


Incase anyone is curious what they look like. I know it was discontinued, didn’t know it was unknown.


I’d never heard of this before, looks pretty cool. Maybe you could take some good photos and upload them to Wikipedia or somewhere so they aren’t lost to time?


it’s 2006, make in-game mini card play is not so hard now

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