Make an eve card game pliiiiiiiiz

Imagine a classic “Hearthstone-like” game, linked to your eve account and EvE economy.
Capacitor instead of mana, cards like “Overheat”, “Nosferatu”,
No minions, but you fit your ship and you use cards that matches the modules you fitted. Interesting combos are to make here, like [“Load Antimatter” + “Overheat” + “Stasis Web”]. Probably there will be some distance management like Close, Medium, Long ranges and cards like “Burn out” (to break from close range), “Bump” etc.
Good way to schematize a real PvP encounter on a board. Moreover, once you add faction cards/modules, you can go further in Lore by giving us effects you couldn’t realize in EvE, like types of fuels for your MwD, Triglavian/Drifter effects (“Enthropic Overcharge” and other cool sounding stuff), Faction cards (“Religious Zeal” for Amarr, boosting stuff; “Tribes Fury” for Matars, boosting stuff; etc.)
Just an idea to share.

Something like this?

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That was a fun game to play at GenCon, but the mobile app game is coming soon enough anyway.

I see it more as a Single Ship/Player experience, maybe a Fleetcom experience. Here it’s more about a corp management if I understood it well.

I think it’s more like Clash of Clans experience, I’m speaking of a card game like HS, Gwent etc. With unique features described above

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