Eve In-Browser Digi TCG

This is an idea that I’ve been kicking around for a while. Given CCP’s urge to increase PLEX sales, I think this would be a rather good way to do so. Booster Pack for 10 Plex? I know it won’t be for everybody, but it’d probably increase sales. So here’s my idea:

You are a fleet commander and your fleet is your deck.

You, the fleet commander, wield your deck against various PvE and PVP situations in solo and groups. Rewards could be isk pots and/or booster packs.

You and/ a group of friends/randoms engage various boss fight battles in well-known PvE situations such as the Kundalini, Pirate FOBs/Shipyards, Sleepers and Drifters, and so on.

You, the fleet commander, wage war against other players for a pot of isk/plex/other goodies that are contributed to a pot in solo or group situations.

Starting out:
You pick a starting race and are awarded a basic deck made up of basic racial ships. As you progress and buy boosters you can customize your deck.

Card Types:

Ships- Different ships have different base HP, they can be low 1 for a frig; 4 for a Drake, 3 for a Brutix, 10 for a Nyx, etc. They are who you attack/defend with. Different ship types have different abilities with some affecting the enemy and others buffing your own ships.

Items- Various modules that you can equip to your ships; a shield extender or plate increases your hp by 1, an adaptive lowers the damage a ship takes by 1, damage amps increase damage dealt by 1, etc.

Abilities: Some ships have an innate ability built in; a super carrier continually spawns token fighters or a titan clears your opponent’s field when it lands on grid, dreads deal 1 damage to each opposing ship each start of a turn, FAX machines heal all friendly by 1 each turn, etc. The idea is that it mirrors the developer’s original intent for the ships. Other times, cards themselves can be an ability like; call primary (you control which ships attack which ships versus the defending player getting to) , microjump (withdraw 1 ship card from combat), boosh (withdraw all ships from combat), etc.

Effects/Systems; Players can optionally set the environment effects with cards that mirror system effects in wormhole and abyssal space.

Game mechanics:
The game follows the basic draw, standby, main, end phase mechanics.

You, the fc start out with 20 hp. You use the ships to try to defend/deal damage to your opponent. First to zero looses. Running out of cards looses.

Benefits to Eve:
More Plex spent which is good because CCP gets more money and the servers stay online for longer.

Benefits to the player:
You can make money like with Project Discovery, but via pvp with/against anybody else in game.

I know it’s a lot like everything else on the market, but that just means CCP has a lot of the thinking done for them. Just seems like something we can do other than ship spinning.

Edit: Damage to your ship cards is cumulative and doesn’t heal unless somehow acted upon.

Not only no, but hell no. SWG added a card game and cash shop bull ■■■■ as a way to get a few extra bucks before they shut the server down. Cash shops in any game are cancer…

I remember that.

You can stop right there as that is exactly what Eve: War of Ascension is effectively doing. Not out yet and I’m begging for more info on it…

Previously called Aurora.

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