Eve trading cards

Since there is already precedent on items out of game (Steam Trading Cards) also able to be marketable (Steam Market), is there any plans for Eve Trading Cards on blockchains such as Ethereum?

These items can outlive Eve

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We already have trading cards on Steam platform for Eve, similar thing, just global

Ive some actual ones

No, go away.

Where to?

Anywhere but here.


For posting stupid ideas.

Steam is a stupid idea?

No, ■■■■■■■ EvE trading cards is.

But we have them already

This is your stupid idea.

It just takes what we have TODAY already one step further


Where did I say what we have now is a good idea? What we have today is ■■■■■■■ idiotic as well and should be burned with fire. Developing more of this crap is a waste of time.

Choice is a wonderful thing isn’t it, you can choose not to participate in it.

Yes, and I can make the choice to riducle you for having these crap ideas.

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Aren’t there enough trading card games that actually do something? Why not play or collect those?

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Close the merchandising store too?

That’s a good idea for once