Eve Trading cards (Missed opportunity?) - Online gaming cards reborn for Crypto

Having checked out Parallel and the Echelon prime gaming coin, Is EvE online historically missing out on an opportunity to diversify without using much by way of development / employee power.

years ago i remember buying a paper copy of the maps and there was trading cards which had been developed by CCP.

When i look at these Echelon Prime websites all i see is eve online lol

CCP could easily bring a card trading game like this to life with a isk - (Crypto coin) Linked on a highspeed network like BSV Bitcoin (for transaction volume) and some crossover in the way of XP for characters or something.

Allowing some of the older players to still enjoy something of an eve online thing without engaging with the full game. so something like this “Parallel / Echelon prime” or the “elder scrolls legends” with a minted “ISK” on a fast blockchain like BSV which has the highest TPS bar none. and an ability to purchase decks etc which leads to online competitions and tournaments etc

  1. Also would like to see CCP interact with Blackbird and use the Homeworld 3 engine to do and eve online reskin for a bit of an RTS vibe.

  2. One other thing that would be nice would be a VR option just for navigating through the eve universe, like a stealth ship class for intel that carries no weapons. an expensive shuttle. but would allow the ability to fly through the universe almost like a tourist.

I think this is just a small minority just like how CCP does not really have mass 3d printed versions of every ship. :man_shrugging: