GILA for GURISTAS 4\10 - 10\10 | GILA fot The MAZE 10\10

PVE GILA Guristas for any 4/10 - 10/10 Gila fot The MAZE 10\10 EVE Online

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Noone cares. /thread
P.S. Tengu still does it better due to resists profile

I agree, but still many people roll hevens on gila or vexors and are waiting for the skils t3, they do not even know that it’s possible to go The maze 10\10 on the same gila or vexor ^)

p.s. Tengu is the best ship for 6\10 - 10\10 !!!

Proteus with three smartbombs does The Maze in 14-18 minutes. Really depends on how lucky you get on some of the rooms. Sometimes you can take the next acceleration gate before the rats point you. Others times you can’t.

+1 for Proteus. Though you have to watch your drones sometimes.
Best thing that T3 has going for it is safe travel to sites.

There is practically no difference in Tengu or Proteus. the question is more in fit dps or tank or dps / tank plus silt and modules of meta t2 or fraction … and another important point that the player likes: missiles or drones … I like missiles:)
P.s.: proteus the maze 10/10 >>

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