Gilded Predator Ishtar skin?

I haven’t applied the skin since I got it due to the preview not being what was advertised. I am curious if this is a bug or is it actually white instead of gold if applied.

This is what the website shows it should look like:

This is what it shows in the preview of the skin:


I can’t say for certain, due to the angle of the screen shot, but the first image looks, to me, like the Vexor Navy Issue Penumbral Shadows Skin.

You can look it up on the skin preview for the VNI ship.


Its not… Here is the link: 20th Anniversary deals | EVE Online

Right, but the skin in that image does look like the VNI skin and not the ishtar one

Although the highlighting seems wrong, so i’m assuming the ishtar skin preview is borked

So its apparently broken ingame, bug report it :slight_smile:

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