GitOdin Inc

Initial Annoucement is a powerful 3rd party application that is designed to empower you wither your a individual player or running an empire.

Social Feed / Kill feed / Industry / Corp/Alliance / Exploration

More information will be posted at a later date.
Official Launch - 1 Sept 2018

Have you cleared with CCP the charging of $5.99 USD per month for the eVolution package?

Fromthe License Agreement:

Developer may not charge any fee in exchange for a Player’s access to or use of the Application, or otherwise monetize or generate any revenue from the Application.


Although the rights granted under this Agreement are intended for non-commercial and non-profit use, CCP recognizes that Developer may want to use the Application to increase Developer’s status or resources as a Player of EVE. In addition, CCP recognizes that Developer may incur costs to host, maintain, and support the Application. Therefore, the following methods of monetizing an Application are permitted by CCP: (a) Developer may condition the access or use of an Application on payment or other transfer of EVE’s valid in-game currency (e.g., ISK) to Developer or to any registered EVE corporation of which Developer is a member; (b) Developer may solicit voluntary donations of money from Players (i.e., U.S. dollars, British Pounds Sterling, etc.) solely to offset Developer’s costs of maintaining and supporting an Application, provided that use of the Application is not in any way restricted or conditioned on providing such a donation; or © Developer may generate revenue from displaying general advertisements that do not interfere with a Player’s access to, or use of, the Application. Revenue from general advertisements includes revenue from partner programs such as Google AdSense, YouTube,,, or similar sites. Each of the monetization activities above will be permitted provided they are not carried out in a manner that would otherwise violate EVE’s end user license agreement, terms of service, or other rules and conditions accepted as a condition to access EVE.


it’s a virus


I heard it on the internet, must be true.

Registered and the initial screens were nice. Requested beta access and got blocked. Have no issue with the monthly payment. However I do have issue with restricted beta. My personal take on development is if access is restricted, don’t make it public. But guess will see if it is worth it when it is officially released

Waiting to see if CCP have any issues with the monthly fee if they dont it will be a first

I have Highlighted the Post by Scipio Which Has Information from the License Agreement. Your service, specifically, violates the above quoted line. Closed.