Give Alpha Contract lvl 1 already

Do it.

Pretty please ?

Having to drop all my ■■■■ in a can in space from my transport alt to pickup is just stupid by design.

Dont be a…


Ok ?

Thank you.

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Don’t be a rectangle… nobody likes a rectangle…


Working as intended. Either make friends and station trade, or just deal with it.

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Im confused, you make it sound like alphas cant make ANY contracts, but they can infact make one at a time.

However if you misworded it, then yes, CCPls, give us the ability to make just a few more contracts!

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They can’t accept it

Welp fuckmesideways,

I complained for naught.

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Tell you what, lets just give all Alphas everything you get with Omega. The way things are going we are heading that way anyway…:roll_eyes:

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May I have your stuff as well?

Or … Omegasize.

–Helpful Gadget

Yes…yes you can…
You are thinking of the old 2 week trial.

If that was changed i’m glad it finally happened.

Then not sure what OP is complaining.

OP confirms, he’s not even sure himself…

Sorry :frowning:

(@OP - trying to help if you did not know)
As an Alpha Clone you can create a corporation and make 10 public contracts on behalf of the corporation or 500 contracts to other members within your corporation.

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I forgot about this O.O

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