I have 2 gripes with this game

the 4-Hour long waiting period to decline another mission from a agent

only able to make one contract as an alpha

here’s my ideas for a solution
reduce the 4 hour timer to 2 hours

raise amount of contracts to 3 specifically for Courier contracts

so I can keep doing missions and keep playing and have multiple contracts to move stuff around and I don’t think that would hurt everybody in the game

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Train your skills for the contracts, and go get standings with another faction and use a jump clone to move around.

Problem solved.

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I’m an alpha can only make one contract

doing cargo missions for the Sisters of eve they have only 1 level 4 agent in high security space for cargo missions

Sounds like it might be time to sub? This game is a bargain at only fifteen bucks a month :relieved:


This, there is a reason why alpha’s have limitations. Sure the list of skills and the level you can attain can be expanded, but it does come with a cost. Less people wanting to and getting a subscription, and in some cases people already with subscriptions letting them expire.


Again, then get another agent from another corp you can run missions with.

The 4 hour limit exists as part of the cost/reward dynamic for missions, especially faction kill missions. If you decline a mission for whatever reason that is part of the cost of doing so. It’s also one of the reasons that clusters of Level 4 agents are popular pieces of geography, because it mitigates the penalty significantly.

That’s part of the restrictions on Alphas. The more contracts Alphas can make the more abusable they become as free contract and/or market alts. Especially with how contracts and penalties work this has a high potential for abuse.

Sub your account, either through real money or PLEX, problem solved.

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CCPlease, if you’re going to let these people try and suggest changes to our game, at least tag them or change the colour of their name or meta-tag the thread as being OP’d by an alpha.

Best option though, block them from F&I. I have not once seen a good idea from an alpha player. All I ever see from alphas is:


so basically all Alpha clones have to be your ■■■■

we don’t have any rights on opinion of the game at all whatsoever ok

go ahead and lock my thread it’s a lost cause

You can do whatever you want in this game, Alpha or Omega. You do not have to do what an Omega clone says at all. You might have to do what an Omega clone says if they are say an alliance leader and you joined that alliance, but then that is a result of your choice…so why would you complain about that? And if it bothers you that much, leave the alliance.

The reason there are limitations on Alpha clones is that they have essentially taken the place of trial accounts. So even if you do not want to pay a subscription but keep on playing you can, but there are many benefits you’ll miss out on. If those or even some of those benefits are granted to Alpha clones then as has been noted, this will actually cost CCP subscriptions and subscription income.

Or to put it more bluntly, stop acting like an entitled snot when you aren’t even forking over at least some money for a subscription. You are like that customer that walks into a restaurant and complains vociferously, and then leaves without ordering anything.


As mentioned above, look for a system that has a LOT of mission agents. If you are blocked for 4 hours with one, then you can just go to a different one.

Dotlan can help you find such a system.

Nope, frankly I don’t care what you do. I don’t try to boss you around, nor do I have desire to do so.

Simply put, you lack the experience in the game to contribute to a meaningful and relevant discussion - your OP being the exact proof of this. The very post you replied to being my exact thoughts on this exact matter - way to read and not regard the words.

As I said in the post you replied to, I have not once seen an F&I thread made by an alpha that was worth reading. Every suggestion made has the marks of inexperience, and every request made boils down to “I want to be able to do more as an alpha”. Which incidentally, your OP fits into both of those by making a suggestion on gameplay change which has a very defined reason for being the way it is, and also by asking for more capabilities as an alpha.

My suggestions for you:

  1. When you have a request for a game mechanics change, if you don’t understand why it is the way it is, ask first. Armed with that knowledge, you can decide whether to suggest a change.
  2. Subscribe if you want to play the game as an omega. If you like the game, support the devs - so they can keep the game running.

Please don’t say that! Of course you have insights to offer and discuss with others, even as an alpha :relieved:

Right now and most likely always, the fix to your issues is paying with real life currency or ISK

You’re a Capsuleer. Be a bitch or don’t be a bitch. Real life science fiction :facepunch::boom::smirk:

You can also use the in-game agent finder to find more agents that you can run with. Should be in your business tab of the neocom.

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That’s an intended limitation. To lift it, you have to train skills. Those skills may require you to be omega but CCP never said everything would be easy and convenient if you played as an alpha.

You can do missions for other corporations. Sisters of EVE are not the only corp proposing cargo missions in HS.