GIVING AWAY 0.0 SPACE (Guristas Space)

You are seeing it right, TRIGGER HAPPY is looking to give away space to another alliance that wants to start/continue their own story in EVE, independent from any coalition.

This is a no-strings attached deal; we just want to give more groups the opportunity to play EVE in Nullsec independently.

ONLY the following groups will be considered:

  • You are an established group of PvP’ers, which I need to be able to see from your Corps’ zKill
  • You will not remain part of any of the big power blocs
  • You can stand on your own 2 feet

We will help you get settled in and, if you want to, give you standings for a limited amount of time.
Even if standings expire; we want you to be successful.

I’m very excited to be doing this after helping Toilet Paper setup shop in Tribute who are now thriving again and top killers in EU tz.

Come join the fun of unaligned EVE!

Interested? Reply here with your Discord ID and we will reach out to you.


Still available :slight_smile:

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