Giving feedback on Instructional Videos

What is the best way to give feedback on the Instructional Videos? Bug report, a new topic like this? I searched first and found the pinned thread advertising the instructional videos. When I started to comment I got the message this is an old thread, are you sure you want to revive it as this will put it back at the top of the list again?

No I’m not sure I want to revive an old thread. I don’t understand the forum mechanics well enough. I wonder if that thread was pinned to make it appear at the top anyway, so am lost to know why posting to an old but pinned discussion might be such an issue but I definitely don’t want to do the wrong thing.

I’m also struggling with the Corp Communication video for example. It assumes a high level of prior knowledge and a low level of prior knowledge at the same time. It explains that you ‘can’ edit the MOTD if you have the correct permissions but does not say what they are, nor how to edit the MOTD if you do have this. Later it explains exactly what permissions you need to access bulletins but does not say whether there is one bulletin or a series of them that appear in a list.

So the Instructional Videos are good for giving the heads-up that certain features exist, but they are less useful for new players, in my opinion, to explain how to do things.

Also being fairly new to forums I don’t really know if starting a new topic is the right way to contribute to a discussion on how to give feedback. All advice very welcome. Thank you.

Links may help to identify which videos you are referring to.

I guess you refer to these videos?

Usually people who get in the position to start a corporation or get the rights to edit a MotD are the more experienced kind of player. That might be why they don’t go into the details. I also have my doubts CCP will work a lot on those videos in the future. As far as I know, the person mainly responsible for those is no longer with the company. Updating the Videos would require a fair amount of work for results with questionable effects.

Most parts of Eve are too complex to cover in a few minutes of videos anyway. “Walls of text” usually work better, if they are written well. Some blogs and the Eve Uni-Wiki do this job well. And of course the forums. Ask and we will answer.

And welcome to Eve! o/

I was specifically asking about this video Corp Communication Tools . I did not access it originally through youtube but found it on the F12 help menu in-game, the links posted above helped me find it outside the game.

I agree the corp MOTD and Bulletins is something for more experienced players, and it is difficult to pitch a tutorial video at the right level to meet the needs of both new and experienced players.

Thank you for your answers o7.

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