Glare Crust Low Market

I’m just looking at the prices of Glare Crust right now.

So let’s start with Clear Icicle.
You get 69 units of heavy water, 35 units of liquid ozone, 414 units of helium isotopes, and 1 unit of strontium.

With Glare Crust
You get 1381 units of heavy water, 291 units of liquid ozone, and 35 units of strontium.

Current Bid Prices (may be subject to change by the time you read this)
Heavy Water 170 ISK/Unit
Liquid Ozone 150 ISK/Unit
Helium Isotopes 516 ISK/Unit
Strontium 2,595 ISK/Unit

So assuming 100% reprocessing and you sell the product this means Clear Icicle will sell for 233K ISK/Unit and Glare Crust 369K ISK/Unit.

Of course, this is unrealistic since most reprocessing will not be done with implants, and if the ice is not reprocessed in null, this further depresses the yield. Furthermore, if the ice is sold at Jita, someone will only buy it if they can reprocess it for a profit, so even with 100% reprocessing, these numbers are too high.

However, these caveats will affect all ice, so while price of the reprocessing is a terrible way to come up with a sale price, the ratio of the ice prices should be roughly the same.

So I expect the price of Glare Crust to be 369/233 of the price of Clear Icicle or roughly 1.58 times as much.

Right now the price of Clear Icicle in Jita is 129K ISK/Unit and the price of Glare Crust is 57K ISK/Unit.

Wait, why is the price of Glare Crust so low? The 369K ISK/Unit price is obviously unrealistic, but 200K ISK/Unit should be reasonable.

Because someone is mining the sh*t out of it. The more you have of something, the less it is worth…

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