GM's holding strangers accountable for toxic behavior

Eve is an Unrestricted PvP game, which is contrasted with Consensual Only PvP games in that it allows PvP anywhere at any time. The presence of PvE content in the game does not change this fact; nor does the ability to opt out of PvP through skillful play.

Now, it’s okay if you don’t want to play a UPvP game. We all have different preferences when it comes to games. However, it is utterly absurd to equate intended game play with harassment just because you don’t like that particular element of the game. It’s the equivalent of claiming assault when someone tackles you in American Football.

If you don’t want to get tackled, you shouldn’t play a contact sport. And if you don’t want to play a UPvP game, you should go play a game that doesn’t feature UPvP.


Eve is a grownup’s game thou to only allow consensual pvp would change the game completely.
If that is what you are looking for maybe you should find a game that suits your needs.

The people who master eve learn damage control and how to risk what they are willing to loose, people that play eve need to master this so that they don’t rage, its really as simple as that.

Can you imagine a star wars scene the 2 armies collide then stop and the one army says to the other “hey can we shoot you?”
“Wait just making some coffee quick”
“kk, let me know when you are back.”
“Dude you back yet?”
“O sorry forgot this was on, we where busy mining on our alt and talking ■■■■.”

It would kill all emotion, suspense and epicness.
Maybe try to learn to appreciate what none concentual pvp brings.


And on the opposite end of the spectrum are the TiDi battles that take a dozen hours or even several in slow motion or more like as if the game is on pause. :wink:



That is a shame. Imagine how much more populous low sec would be if all those who wanted to switch off green safety had to go there in order to make that a possibility.

Is it not the CCP policy that ganking is harassment if the victim moves 5 jumps and is ganked again by the same group?

Refuses to enforce and blithely promotes as ‘normal’ just to appease the most toxic part of the community.

Quite often the person getting ganked does not even know what a gank is until its over. Then they quit eve because they lost all their stuff and are never seen again because the NPE does not include a warning that a part of the player base are sociopaths.

When blackout was announced all the 31337 PvP crowd got spaceship wood until about a week in when they realised most of the people still operating were doing so under the safety of a massive super umbrella.

This is false. Go into any starter system and see how long you can non consensual PvP before you are permanently banned. Camping the SOE storyline ? That’s a ban too.

War declarations resulted in over a decade of harassment until the absurdity of the numbers were looked at. Now people can play as a group without having to identity hop just because they dared to undock from a trade hub.

If the tackle happens before the snap, its a penalty. Gankers get a meaningless 15 minute sit down between their crime sprees. Whatever happened to three strikes and you are out?

Yet boxing has a lower head injury rate than football…


10 jumps, and as written only talks about bumping, and repeatedly by the same character, not organization.

It is hard tossing out opinions without seeing the concrete case, this makes me wonder:

What happened? Did people find their Twitter account and started trash talking there just like Tama in a good day? That’s harassment.

Did people find the other person in social media and brought the EVE experience to social media? That’s harassment.

Question: Did people follow the other guy to Twich and stream snipped him over and over and trash talked him over and over on Twitch day after day along weeks? That’s harassment.
Answer: Durishaka case, but he was kinda looking for it and when the heat was too high he couldn’t take it, also he had an EVE sugar daddy feeding him bilions in ISK, skill injectors and ships. Not everybody has an EVE sugar daddy and this could be an issue… So, kinda harassment or not harassment? Dude got even stream snipped at Kisogo that is a starter system.

Durishaka got ganked by Wingspan, but they were nice and he found it funny too, the loss wasnt hard either and he learned about the game. He used to laugh about it everytime he remembered about it.

Game mechanics should be resolved within game mechanics, none of both parties should extrapolate that.

It’s a different crowed playing by different rules if you move them to low all their skills would go to waste.

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At various times, we see claims that gankers are just the alts of nullsec players and while that has been true for some groups (eg. Goons and specific parts such as Miniluv, KUSION SPECIAL TEAM, etc., Test, Darwinism, Frat.), there have also been several lowsec groups that have ganked also, notably Shadow Cartel (Shadow Cartel | Kills | Alliance | zKillboard) still doing so, Snuffed Out (Snuffed Out | Kills | Alliance | zKillboard) still doing so and LowSechnaya (LowSechnaya Sholupen | Kills | Alliance | zKillboard) still quite active.

Lowsec groups even now, go to highsec to gank, even though they are already in lowsec playing most of the time.

On top of that, some of the more well known gankers in CODE. and Safety. regularly pvp/pvp’d in lowsec as well.

Prior to being banned for his toxicity, loyalanon for example spent a lot of time in lowsec (loyalanon | Character | zKillboard) and even Aiko. heads to lowsec as well (Aiko Danuja | Kills | Character | zKillboard).

The numbers in lowsec wouldn’t really change if gankers had to go their instead. They’d either stay in null, or otherwise be among the pirates that are already in lowsec.

Hopefully the Faction Warfare changes that CCP is working on bring a lot more action back to lowsec, as it’s a shell of it’s former self, but that’s symptomatic of the low login numbers the game has currently. Fingers crossed that lowsec offers incentive for people to be there, rather than being the place you ‘have to go to not be green’.

Some of my earliest eve memories (2010) are being can flipped. Or war decs by PVP corps bullying my mining corp and I loved it. Why the hell would I make threats… it’s all game mechanics. I started as a miner and I soon starting training combat skills when I saw I needed to defend myself ( later extracted my mining skills lol) . Soon after we had a POS in a wormhole with no real clue what we were doing. It was great. So exciting back then.

For my part in this, I apologize. When I posted that from corp chat, I had no idea that this was a thing that is done in eve. I do not take suicide as a joke, but I over reacted without any way to validate the information. I had no idea that gankers face that kind of garbage every day or at all. I had seen many posts on the forums about gankers but they didn’t go down that path of death threats and such.

Please keep these sentiments tempered – 90% of the fuel that drives people to gank is to get hatemail, hateful comments, and otherwise salty emotional responses from the other party.

I would be willing to be that in over 95% of cases, the hateful response received by the ganker was a source of enjoyment, for them to laugh at the continued misery of the person, and that any time that said salty response was sent to a GM, it was a malicious act to further punish the person that was ganked where the ganker felt absolutely no threat from the person (though the message sent to the GM will likely say otherwise).

If one person reports a hatemail with threats against them, I could understand this being an issue as stated in the OP. if said one person ends up being the only common factor in the 40+ reports by the one person where “everybody is always after me and threatening me”, that is a different scenario and perhaps the toxicity that was egged on is with the person instigating it. – Mind you, not by the suicide gank or otherwise in-game activity, but by the messaging “RPing as a ganker” that eggs on the salty person to be ever more salty in reponse. Similar to what you see in a jury room, there is always more to the story than the 30 second snippet showing one perspective with a very 1-dimensional twist on what the larger situation is and how it came to be.

Things get compounded when the ganker also has a twatter or other social media where they post about everything they do with geo-location info of the starbucks that they are doing it from… stupid is as stupid does and maybe one day this next generation will understand the value of having internet privacy to keep in-game stuff in-game and remove potential options for others to bring it IRL… probably getting a bit off topic at this point, so I’ll end it here.


Easy there keyboard warrior, alt forum poster…

You can still be a big bad pirate/ganker or whatever… and still have common decency as a person. That counts the other way around as well. Play the ship/structure/corp whatever, never the person behind the screen.


There’s a very short list of threads tangentially political and even shorter list of people who have actually bothered to read any of it, and I pissed off a group of people for committing the crime of trying to be reasonable and engaging.

As the ISD rigorously clean up over there I’m not surprised targeted attacks are spilling over. At this point, I just let them lie and stew in their own words. They think they do me harm, but they do me a favor instead.


Somebody that got ganked said that they were a criminal lawyer, would track down everyone that ganked him and send them to jail.

She has been promoted to GM due to the excellent job she has been doing?

I didn’t know which GM at the time but feel free to reach out to @GM_IceCream if you’d like.

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Godwin’s Law strikes again I see. Shoo.

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@Jaurl_Kurvora If you wish to actually discuss such serious behavior that goes on and are wondering what measures are being done to curb such toxic behavior I invite you to discuss as openly as you feel that is appropriate here.

Undocking your ship is consenting to PvP. But maybe they should add a little checkbox when you undock where you agree that with undocking you consent to PvP, otherwise you can’t simply undock. Just so it’s finally clear to all the extreme space-lawyers out there


They will claim they didn’t read it and thought it is about something else. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :popcorn: