GM's, the new meta in sov warfare

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By now, we all know the story about GigX who got banned for threats, reasonable or not, it eventually led to the total downfall of CO2 alliance. Recently I have experienced something similar. The CEO from one of our associated corps got banned. What he had said was taken out of context and the guy who reported him was later identified as a spy.

So my first point is: The GM’s really really have to be aware if or not they are being used as a weapon in a war.

My Second point is: This is a grown up’s game. Thieving, griefing, spying, manipulating, its all a part of our every gameday. And it cant be a surprise to any one if people react emotionally when they get screwed over. Hell, I probably said worse things than GigX. I even know of FC’s that has been recorded and put on soundboards saying worse things.

And its all fine by me. I am a grown up. I play a hardcore pvp game called EVE Online and have done so for 8 years. Please don’t let it turn in to Hello Kitty Online.


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Weaponized GMs?!!

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I remember being a child, and the constant “touch my stuff and I’ll kill you” that most of us children told each other at times. We all knew we were never going to really kill each other.

CCP has joined the rest of the limpdick liberals, left their balls on the cutting room floor, and become less able to hear words and survive than children on a playground.

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And? Is this someone who will also cry hysterically if someone halfway across the world threatens him in a video game? Being big =/= balls. Just ask one of those 400lb SJW’s.

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Take a deep breath friend…it’s a joke. “weaponized Gms” + “CCP Guard” …actually, that pic was Guard’s April fools joke one time.

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I just realized that’s The Mountain from GoT. lol

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Baiting people into triggering an admin slap is an old meta-strategy that pre-dates the internet. Co-ordinated mass-reporting is also a strategy used by some to shut-down opposition.

Its lame, but effective.

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Yeah, it all boils down to “I’m telling mom!”. rofl

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BurnBan them all.

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I’m personally in their Corporation and they are great and friendly players. They welcome anyone friendly and we did with the spy too. He was most time quiet in the corp and not interactive. We started suspecting him after costly losses. So planned to take out his mining ship and not him in RL and we did. One thing for sure we are angry and the guys maybe went overboard in corpchat a bit but they not mean it. We do respect CCP of course as we respect each other too.

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