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I was approached by a person in game by the name of GM Vox saying that they were part of a player experience team. Is this actually a thing or is this person trying to scam me?

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The prefix "GM " is reserved for CCP staff/approved-individuals, as are the prefixes “ISD”, “CCP”, and “CSM”. Regular players can’t use that prefix. One way to tell is if they talk to you in an unusual font color.

There doesn’t seem to be anything different with the color. However they did give me a bunch of items including a Venture Amarr Industrial Livery Skin so I guess its legit?

That does not sound like something a GM would do

I’m really not sure
They just said hi gave me the stuff and haven’t spoken to me yet.

I searched, it is an actual GM, they are new to being a GM. less than 30 days. Must have been your lucky day.

Awesome :grinning:

Actually GMs have been engaging players during events with gifts. It is possible they’re doing this outside of events to increase the new player experience outside of the NPE tutorial itself.


Yes it could have been a GM. Another way to check if they are legit other then the usual coloured (blue?) text is checking their corp.

CCP employees are in their own co
orp called CCP, which is not accessible by normal players.

If it were to be a normal player, they likely will get a banhammer soon as pretending to be a GM is against game rules.

But yeah, it is known that CCP employees sometimes visit new player systems to help and chat the new players.

It definitely was a GM. As pointed out above,
players can’t have a “GM” at the start of their name.

But that’s not the reason why I respond.

I applaud that you’ve come here asking if you might be getting scammed.

When in doubt, there’s no smarter thing to do.


when in doubt - you can contact support through proper channels to inquire if there is some foul play involved. Impersonating staff is pretty permabannable offense.

GM tend to contact newbies to see if they have any problems or need some help. They’ll then send you a mail with an explanation and some useful links followed by giving you a bunch of free stuff.

Happens quite often.

They give out “starter packs” like this to new players. You don’t even have to talk to them. I missed the conversation request once on a new alt account and got an email from the GM and a starter pack in my redemption window.

I think it’s pretty cool. Nothing major, was like a racial livery for a venture and a basic venture with fittings.


@EugeneII The others here are correct, certain names are restricted to authorised users. GMs, CCP devs and ISD for example. You can also check the corp/alliance and you’ll see that devs/GMs will be in the C C P Alliance:

If you are unsure, just check that the character is indeed in this alliance. Welcome to Eve.


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