Gnosis Armor Tank for a Gallente Alpha

Hi I am not sure if I fit Gnosis well for high sec PVE in Gallente space. I prefer armor tank. Please criticize my fit cuz I am new… The only module I can’t use yet is nano membrane II. I put both Microwarpdrive and Afterburner, don’t know if it’s a good idea to get rid of Statis Webifier.

Gnosis Armor PVE


250mm Prototype Gauss Gun x5

(Federation Navy AntiMatter Charge)

Drone Link Augmentor I x1


50MN Y-TB Compact Microwarpdrive x1

10MN Monopropellant Enduring Afterburner x1

Tracking Computer II x1

(Tracking Speed Script x1)

Drone Navigation Computer x1

Medium Compact Pb-Acid Cap Battery x1

Cap Recharger II x1


Damage Control II x1

800mm Roller Tungsten Compact Plates x1

Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II x2 (No skill for Hull Upgrade 5 yet, soon)

Magnetic Field Stabilizer II x2


Medium Trimark Armor Pump I x3


I haven’t trained my drone skill well enough yet

Passive armor tank is not a good choice for PVE - you have no regeneration. If you want to go armor - fit an armor repair. With low skill you will have a problem managing your capacitor. I usually recommend shield tank for the Gnosis - you can fit a decent buffer, reasonable regen and get better DPS by using your low slots for damage modules.


It will be also hard to fly this ship in PvE if you have no drones.
The Gnosis is not exactly a fast ship, even with MWD some NPC firgates will probably be able to catch up with you and start chewing on you.
If you can’t send a few light drones on them, you may have to warp out because the frigates get “under your guns”. You have chosen Railguns, which have good range but lack tracking, making it difficult to hit target that make in in close.
It doesn’t have a full set of light drones. Nearly every ship at the size of a cruiser has a drone bay. If you can use 4 or 5 Light Drones, that will benefit you during your whole eve-career. I strongly recommend that.

About Railguns: Take a look at different types of ammunition if you haven’t already. Antimatter has the shortest range, but if you choose railguns, you usually want to stay away from the enemy NPCs and shoot at them from distance. The tradeoff between DPS and range can be worth it, if you don’t have to constantly warp out because the NPCs hit you and you have no active tank that could repair itself.

In the fitting window, there is a little button called “import / export”. If you click that, you get the fit of the current ship or simulation get’s copied to your clipboard, which you can just paste with CRTL+V where you like. It’s usually quicker and safer than typing manually. :slight_smile:


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