Goat Riders is recruiting

After the corp went Eve offline for a long period we are trying to bring it Eve online again. So I am looking for relaxed players who enjoy the game with no drama, toxicity or requirements - everyone is welcome, so come join us!

New players and Alpha’s are more then welcome.
We don’t have any CTA’s

We are Derelik based corporation and part of the Derelik United Alliance. There are lots of opportunities to grow as a member. Almost all management roles in the corp are still available for trustworthy members. Such as (but not limited by):

  • Mining manager
  • Diplomat
  • Corp buyback program manager
  • Production manager
  • Trade manager
  • Recruitment manager

As you can see the corp is just starting up and for now we have just a few members but as we grow will become more and more active. So if you join now it is a perfect opportunity to become a senior member and help us and grow.

Our focus now is mostly PVE in both high and low sec but will evolve as members will have a significant say in the direction the corp is going. So come and join us to make this corporation great again.

For more info contact me

Come and join us!

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