Going criminal question

Hypothetical situation here.

My corp is not at war.

I’m in my orca flying mining with a fleet.

Someone decides to gank one of my fellow miners(who is in my corp).

I have a remote shield repair on my Orca and decide to fix my fellow miner who is in fleet.

Do i go suspect or criminal?

not if the attacker is suspect or criminal, and the recipient is in your corp.

if in doubt keep your safety green.

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No, you won’t, and it doesn’t even matter whether the ganked pilot you assist is in your corp or not.

In addition to the UniWiki articles already provided, you may also check the Help Center articles about Crimewatch:


Unfortunately, the documentation available isn’t always clear about these issues, but the good news is that, as long as you leave your safety setting enabled (green), you may just try things and see what happens. You simply won’t be allowed to do anything that might cause you to go criminal or suspect.

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You will inherit a suspect timer if your corp mates respond or shoot back. So long as they do not have a limited engagement with the aggressive pilot, you can rep them without worrying.

“Any other pilot interfering in the combat between two pilots with active limited engagements, such as using remote support modules on one of the parties, will receive a suspect flag for the interference.”

If their drones auto aggress you will have to stay out of it if you are not interested in endangering your Orca. Have them set their drone auto aggress off if they leave their drones out all the time.

Are you sure about this? I know what the documentation says, but IME the aggressor having a criminal timer seems to change things in that regard in a way that’s not properly documented. Isn’t the victim in a limited engagement with the gankers already by the mere fact of being attacked, regardless of whether he retaliates or not?

Moreover, even if things were as you say, not sure but I think the Orca would still be able to assist the victim without going suspect by attacking the gankers and putting himself in a limited engagement with them too that way, but I believe this isn’t even necessary when assisting someone that’s being illegally aggressed.

And again, as long as the Orca pilot has safety enabled (green) the Orca will never be in danger regardless. The worst that may happen with safety enabled is that the remote reps will fail to activate or will deactivate if they were active already, so no need to tell corp mates to set drone behaviour to passive for that reason.

That said, it has happened to me in very rare cases (maybe just once or twice out of many) that I was unable to remote rep a hauler being ganked, but I could never figure why. The hauler didn’t have ECM nor anything else fitted that could have been used to retaliate…

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A limited engagement starts only when agressing legally in highsec. Also drones regardless of their aggressive setting will never start a new limited engagement without explicitly ordered to do so.


This is good to know and something I wasn’t aware of. I’ve been afraid of launching drones when camping gates sometimes for fear of being ganked, drones engaging and me being unable to jump gate as a result. This isn’t documented anywhere, is it?

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Drones will not auto-agress if it would result in a limited engagement timer. They used to do that, but CCP patched it out because they would also agress when you shoot the MTU and that led to some fun gameplay with afk Orcas. Good times :grinning:


Is that because you have the safety on? When I shoot a neutral pilot back (If he manages to get the 1st shot off) I receive the limited flag with that pilot. My drones also auto aggress, but I’m always on Red. As a logi pilot in lowsec, you need to be on Red or your reps will not land or cut off.

Safety has nothing to do with it. That’s why assisting drones doesn’t work in lowsec and you have to send your whore drone manually. :wink:

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limited engagement is not a suspect flag. Are we talking about the same thing?

If someone shoots me, then I shoot back. He got a suspect flag, because I regularly tag my security status down, and I got a limited engagement with him as we duke it out. If a friendly attempts to rep me, he will get a suspect flag, because he’s interfering with a limited engagement. This is how it works.

And drone assist does work in low. Maybe you got your safety set to yellow? Because you would go suspect by shooting anything your friend starts to shoot, even if they happen to be defending themselves.

I’m not in a militia, but fighting as neutral in lowsec. I’m yellow set usually except when flying logi, then red of course. But regardless of safety setting, my drones will not auto engage somebody unless I already have a limited engagement with him/her. Which is as it should be. I can’t say how it works if you are at war.

I can’t speak with certainty anymore whether my drones auto aggress non FW pilots, as I can’t recall a specific fight where I was using a drone ship with drone assist on. Only when I’m in a logi ship do I set drones to assist., but my safety is always on Red. I rather have control over my dps in every fight, with the exception of encounters with ECM, in which case i try my best to make sure i throw them out asap, before any jams land.

Either way, we fight neutrals just as often as we fight each other down here.

As Tipa said, it has nothing to do with safety as that only prevents suspect or criminal status. I guess what you see is that your drone auto attack if you already shoot or scram someone and then you already have a limited engagement. For war targets it is IMHO different, but I don’t usually do a lot of wars so I’m not 100% sure.

Drones will auto aggress without you activating a gun or module, as in the case where you are attacked by a group of neutrals and you only throw out your drones and get jammed. They immediately start fighting. It wouldn’t be so if it relied entirely on war mechanics.

I have a feeling you are using yellow too much and therefore think drone assist does not work in lowsec or highsec.

If this happens on neutrals, and you have evidence recorded, I would appreciate if you could open a ticket next time it happens, as this is a bug and not intended.

If your safety is green, you will be able to provide remote assistance if the miner (including drones) has not retaliated. If the miner has retaliated you will be unable to provide remote assistance.

If your safety is yellow, you will be able to provide remote reps no matter what. If the miner has not retaliated you will not get a suspect timer. If they have, you will get one with no further warning.


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