Going form Dual screen to Single


I Changed from Dual to single screen ( My launcher was on the second screen) and now when I launch the launcher it doesn’t appear.

Is there a way to reset where the launcher is? I have tried reinstalling and told the installer to not use the previous cache data when it asked. And I tried to look around on the forums and haven’t found people with the same problem.

Anyone with any ideas or maybe a similar problem?

IceWolf Lambda

If you’re on windows there’s a way to reset all window positions. I don’t know if there’s a native way to do it trough settings or control panel, but I have used ccleaner in the past.

It has an option to restore default window positions, as well as a bunch of other stuff, when cleaning the computer. Use with caution, as it can do a bunch of powerful things to the computer, or uncheck everything but window position

I’m not sure this would work but…

If you simply unplugged both the previous monitors, and just plugged the single one back in… The graphics card may still be sending data to the now unused port.

Go to your graphics card program, and make sure the out put is set to just a single monitor or output.

Nope, that didn’t work but thanks for the idea. @Fung_Ku

Fixed it by going to the reg files and deleting the Launcherlastverified file and the launcher position regs and luckily it fixed it without messing up the game :smiley: . Reg files located at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\CCP\EVE

Thanks for all the help.

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