Gold monocles for sale

Selling 5x gold monocles

in-game bid of 250

I think I’m seeing it for the first time. How did you get it?

I purchased it. This and the left gold monocle are the rarest apparel items in game.


bump :aussiecongaparrot:

Also have some gold monocles.

SSGC has been sold.


get it!

to the top

Get your Gold Monocle today!

A true sign of a space gentlemen. There is even a club…

What! Why have I not been invited to this club!? This is an outrage!

Also CCP it’s sexist to not let me wear my Silvershore Greatcoat just because I’m a woman!

Free bump :smile:


If anyone deserves to wear that mantle it is The Archivist. They should make a female version just for you!

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Ping Shaktar he knows a guy :slight_smile:

30 bill for a monocle

Nice to see your optimism. 45 is the floor. I would consider letting one go for 43.

Fair enough, I have no idea what they were worth TBH. I don’t think I value my space barbie that much.

They hold their value and will increase in value as long as CCP doesn’t re release them although I’m sure if there is a re release it will be the left one.