WTB - Monocle (Left/Gold)

Pm me if you are looking to sell!

This is a very optimistic thread that if replied to would start the bidding war of the ages.

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500b bid

I got a 1T standing bid for mine, which is 1 out of the 7 (Left/Gold) in game. How much are you offering?

For whomever is interested, the other owners (as far as I know) are:

  • 2x Entity
  • 1x Siegfried Cohenberg
  • 1x Aram Kachaturian
  • 1x Steve Ronuken
  • And recently tracked the last one to Mickey x Mouse (The Museum of New Eden).
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Minnie x mouse I think.

Hehehe yeah it’s the same person =)

I am pretty sure Elizabeth Norn has one as well, even if the ingame portrait isn’t showing it right now.
Or was that one sold?

Sold to Reality X then sent to The Museum of New Eden years ago
I hope you and yours (Everyone) is amazing and wonderful in health and spirits with great days to come

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Finally got myself a coat. Now I’m just waiting for CCP to re release it and give me a real headache :moonwalkingparrot:

Congratulations I am very very happy for you and must say it looks better on you then most others :relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:

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Your swag is now “Over 9000”

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Thank you Minnie.

Now I just need one of those left monocles :fastparrot:

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