Golden Spurs - Nul sec sov holding alliance

(Johan Lightstrider) #1


What does Golden Spurs Offer?

*Relaxed Atmosphere
*Lucritive Mining ( Null Sec)
*Amazing Null Sec Ratting and Exploration.
*Friendly Small Community.
*Plenty of small and medium PvP opportunities.

We provide a TS3 server for alliance members to use.

Each corporation is run independently of each other. This alliance does not dictate how you choose to run your corp. We ask our corps to have common sense. We also require all corporations within, to require a full api screening.

We promote rules of courtesy.
Outside of those rules, the alliance’s mission is to have fun while playing the game and making some new friends along the way.

We are an industrial/PVP alliance who likes to mine, research, build items and ships, run missions, and explore the galaxy.

Feel free contact me or any of our other representatives via any of the mediums:
Recruitment chat ( Golden Spurs Diplo)

Looking for new Home and new Friends
Returning Long time player Seeking corp
Looking for new Home and new Friends
(BlueHawk Enderas) #2

I like the video. We learn something every day. All the best from 3 golden feathers :slight_smile:

(Johan Lightstrider) #3

:slight_smile: thank you up to 311 bodies and growing.

(BlueHawk Enderas) #4

Do you guys takes in beginners? do u guys use discord?

(Johan Lightstrider) #5


(BlueHawk Enderas) #6

sound good…can i jump by discord and have a chat?

(Johan Lightstrider) #7

I sent u a mail

(Johan Lightstrider) #8

Growing nicely

(Johan Lightstrider) #9

evening wave to you all

(Johan Lightstrider) #10

got some kills today nom nom

(Johan Lightstrider) #11

great space talk to us :slight_smile:

(Johan Lightstrider) #12

gotta love pvp in null

(Johan Lightstrider) #13

woof woof which movie

(Doc Casual) #14

What timezone’s do a lot of your players operate on?

(Johan Lightstrider) #15

eu- Us- China/korea

(Mar Egdod) #16

would you be interested in say, a single player corp for this alliance?

(Johan Lightstrider) #17

affraid not. Thats ccp’s fault.

(Johan Lightstrider) #18

still looking for corps that want to expand

(Johan Lightstrider) #19

growing nicely

(Johan Lightstrider) #20

armor doctrines