GoldenHall - Chill Indy Corp based in Sov Null and High-Sec!

Hey there o/

Are you new to the game and unsure of what you want to do? Or perhaps you’re a returning vet looking to casually partake in some group activities? We’re the corp for you!

With no requirements beyond alliance authorisation, access to PvE and PvP content in High-Sec and Null Sec, as well as frequent WH day trips theres something to do for just about anyone.

Currently we offer:


  • Boosted Mining Ops in both High-Sec and Null sec
  • High yield refining in Coalition space
  • Ore BuyBack Program
  • Regular Mission Running fleets (with salvage available to NewBros and Alphas to help with the Isk flow :wink: )
  • Access to JF use
  • Help with fits
  • Tips for running missions/sites
  • Fleet ops and PvP training ops
  • Lots of Industrial Infrastructure in Sov Null (incl. research and reactions)
  • Moon Mining
  • Vast amounts of ratting, ore and ice anoms


  • Regular Alliance and Coalition small gang and fleet PvP
  • Home defence fleets
  • Corp standing fleet in home systems
  • WH PvP roams
  • Alliance SRP


  • Our alliance owns Sov
  • Blue to a large Sov holding entity in our home region
  • Alliance SRP

We are based all around the world but the current leadership are based in the AU timezone, so theres plenty of room to move up the corporate ladder.

Please join our recruitment channel Golden Hall Recruitment in game, Eve-Mail Breuk Bjarteson, or join our discord @ if you have any questions :smiley:

Hope to see you around, fly safe o/

Looking for a fun group to traverse New Eden with? Come and say hi o/

Looking for a friendly corp to learn the game with? Or maybe you’re returning and dont want the hassle of the big wars and hectic politics :man_shrugging: Hell maybe you just wanna mine some rocks and blow people up! haha come and have a chat o/

Want to make hella isk while also making friends? Come say hi o/ :smiley:

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Tired of spending hours scouring systems for one thats not full of people doing all the sites? Come and join us in Null-Sec and start making some real ISK :sunglasses:

With bases both in High-Sec and Null-Sec as well as activites for pilots of all skill level to participate in, GoldenHall has something for everyone o/ Pop into our in-game recruitment channel, discord or Eve-mail me if you’re interested

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Come mine rocks, shoot people and blow tf up \o/ Experience some of the most lucrative PvE content in our home region in Sov Null. Or maybe Null isnt your style? We’re also based in The Forge in high security space and theres no requirement to move. Looking for PvE and PvP pilots to join our ranks and help us become an economical powerhouse in the region.

With steady growth comes more opportunities for all!! Come join us now and find one of very few corps who are not only NewBro friendly, but actively try to provide content for older players as well.

Endless oppotunites for ISK and content in the relative safety of Sov Null! Come have a chat today o/

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With all the recent industry changes, nows the best time to make money in Industry! We have ample opportunity to make ISK in everything from mining rare null-sec ores, moons and ice belts, to flying into random wormholes to run sites and clear out the precious gas. Nows the time to get in indy, and we’re the corp to do it with. o/

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Come join us for some delicious moon mining in Null Sec o/

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Feel like just having a chat with some like minded people while you go about your business? Jump into the Golden Hall Pub Chat in game and say hi o/

The blueprint library will be ready for corp use in 2 weeks!! Come make use of our BPs in High-Sec and kick-start your industrial career in Eve!
We’re also NewBro friendly and can help you learn more about what you want to do in New Eden, so come say hi o/