Google spreadsheet. Imported content is empty

(Tirkibo) #1

Any idea why this doesn’t work.

I have =IMPORTXML(C2,A$24)

c2 =
A24 = /evec_api/marketstat/type/sell/min

I get an #n/a as well as “Imported content is empty” message?


(Blacksmoke16) #2

Set A24 = //sell/min

(Krysenth) #3
<cell containing typeid>),

Getting imported content is empty could mean that there are no orders of that type available there.

(Tirkibo) #4

This worked, whats the explanation behind that?


(Blacksmoke16) #5

The double slash says find the attribute sell/min no matter where it is in the tree, without specifying the full path.

For example if you did //min you would get two rows, one for buy and another for sell.

(Tirkibo) #6

great info.


(Krysenth) #7

Well, if what’s in the OP is a direct copypasta as well, you typo’d in the spreadsheet. /evec_api/ vs /exec_api/

(system) #8

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