Google spreadsheet. Imported content is empty

Any idea why this doesn’t work.

I have =IMPORTXML(C2,A$24)

c2 =
A24 = /evec_api/marketstat/type/sell/min

I get an #n/a as well as “Imported content is empty” message?


Set A24 = //sell/min

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<cell containing typeid>),

Getting imported content is empty could mean that there are no orders of that type available there.

This worked, whats the explanation behind that?


The double slash says find the attribute sell/min no matter where it is in the tree, without specifying the full path.

For example if you did //min you would get two rows, one for buy and another for sell.

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great info.


Well, if what’s in the OP is a direct copypasta as well, you typo’d in the spreadsheet. /evec_api/ vs /exec_api/

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