Got back to eve in a long time

Just got back to eve after a long time.
I saw a movie from ccp about how eve is
Now days and got exited.

So I’m asking for any funds with ships or isk.
I am very bad at managing my isk and yes I’m not much for grinding.

But I am honest and I know there might be someone here who is very wealthy and hopefully need help to spend some isk.

No need to hear begging is bad, I know, so that’s why I’m asking and being upfront.
If you want me in a special fitting or in an area of your choice, I do that. Just tell me, it’s all just a game.
Fly not so safe… Kings of eve!!.

You know begging is bad, which is why… you’re begging?

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in before ISD Lock


Closed for begging .

Also I want a version of that image with my name on it!


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