Asking for Isk on The Market Forum?

So if the rules state to just “be civil” is Just asking for isk on the forum allowed (Generally frowned upon yes,) as long as there is no mudslinging with each other with replies?

Those requests/threads will probably be ignored and get piled over by newer and more substantial posts but it won’t be forcibly removed by an ISD right?

But looking at there aren’t any posts about it i assume there is a rule being broken or something wrong (other than ethical matters) here?

EDIT/Elaboration :
Yes there are several threads on people non-nonchalantly asking for uncollateralized loans with no real way of paying it off, but how about straight asking “Can i have isk?” type deal?

Low key asking for isk but also a legitimate question (shame on me, i know)
Just going to wait for some angry forum goers saying how stupid this question is

Begging is probably gonna get locked as spam. This is Market Discussions, not Charity Discussions.

If your intention is to beg, write up a compelling scam loan offer like other decent EVE players.

Take the begging to Jita or a mission hub.

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Im sure just asking for isk, is okay. As long as its not just a single sentence of “Hey gimme isk plz”. You have to make an effort, because lazy threads will just be seen as spam.

Another poster made a thread about receiving isk to fuel her gambling addiction, or something, and it was really a “Gimme isk plz” thread, but it wasnt locked.

do something entertaining and people will probably throw some isk at you.

and ^ that

Don’t beg. It’s pathetic.

Get a job ahole

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