Got IRL commitments but still want to enjoy some pew? No Sov....No Worries - Percussive Diplomacy - Low Sec PVP

Percussive Diplomacy is a PVP Corp (with some Krabbing) that is based in Amarr Low Sec and is apart of the Alliance No Forks Given. We are active every night of the week and like to have a good time on comms.

What we like to do:

  • Small to Medium Warfare in Low

  • Capital Warfare


  • Crokite

  • On Comms & Out in Space

OUR Gameplay:

EvE Online PvP - The Krab-Rage Wars - 4-22-2021

Battleship Brawl - DHSJ & No Forks Given vs Shoot First & Friends

EVE Online - AT10 Day 6 Match 13 - PERCUSSIVE PIZZA TIME DIPLOMACY vs Shadow Cartel

How to Join:

We’ve got content! - Come drop by today!

We’re actively getting those kills…PVP on your time…not a ping warrior…no problem…we always have stuff going on

Do you like Amouranth?..If so… you will fit in just fine here

My Eve career began on July 1, 2011. That is the day that I met @BuckSwanson . He did not care about my past, I wanted to pirate, and that was enough. He began to tell me about this rag-tag collective of low-sec scumbags, nihilists and social undesirables; known as Percussive Diplomacy. That they were located in a dark reach of space called Solitude. Seek them you must, come to Solitude and pew pew you will. Spaceship Captain you will be.

Since then we have shared many fights, laughs, and drinks. Notable Memories:

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Do you like Lasers?

Ready to Yeet to Null to Rob those ESS’s …come join the gang

Like to do Indy + PVP on the side?..home is 5 jumps from Amarr - good dudes - good convos… more than just a game

Fleets up…lets do this!

Are you active during these times? We are getting kills

Do you like Phoenixes?

Foodie?..You can thank me later in discord…

We need some more East Coast USTZ dudes…gotta keep those West Coast bois in check…join today

Pop, Lock, and Drop it Bois - HAW Phoenix’s come highly recommended

Congrats @Apollo_Eros - We hope the baby and the new HAW Phoenix will be very active!

mic check 1-2 1-2…Ready to drop on you

Corp has full Indy Setup ready and only 5 jumps from Amarr

This week has been something…need a change in the game? stop on by