Percussive Diplomacy[SLAPD]: (US TZ) Lowsec Piracy and PVP Krabs!

Percussive Diplomacy is a Lowsec Piracy and PVP group based in Amarr lowsec, mostly through Kor-Azor, Kador, and Genesis. Highly active and tight knit group, and a diverse set of activities in the game. Unique backgrounds and play styles are welcome, find out how you can contribute to a greater effort. If you are looking for Small to Mid size gang content and fights, this is the place for you !

  • Small and Mid Size Fleet Engagements
  • Nullsec and Filament Roams
  • BLOPs
  • Gate Camping
  • Generalized Piracy and PVP
  • Plenty of Logistics Support and Available content and Opportunities

Have Discord and TS3, Do an interview on Voice comms, and verify through SEAT.

Public Channel: SLAPD in Public

Discord: Percussive Diplomacy - Come stop in and say hello!

Bumping for the love of Spaceship explosion.

Bumping once again, still looking for pilots.

Bump, LFG!

Once again, here we go.


Looking for pilots.

Still looking for pilots.

Still looking!

Still looking

Good to go!

And again. Sotiyo | Discount Service Company | Killmail | zKillboard

Orca today was fun.

Let’s go!

Still looking.

And still!


Check out the public channel

And once again!