Percussive Diplomacy - Recruiting PvP Pilots

Hello Friends!

Percussive Diplomacy is recruiting pvp pilots who are interested in small gang shennanigans. We are a group of veterans who have been playing together for many seasons and who describe each other as ornary-goggled-man-children.

Happy to help returning and new players get set up. No strict SP requirement, however we will judge each applicant on their own merits. We do not have any grand aspirations and are just looking for more people to fly with so that we can expand our fleet doctrines, tactics, and take more fights.

We do a lot of low-sec piracy, null-sec ESS raiding, and Gallente faction warfare.

No young kids in this alliance. US time zone primarily. Microphone and Discord is mandatory.

Here is our Kill Board:

Please contact BuckSwanson in game if you would like to know more.

Fly Safe!


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