Grabby Inc - Get Touched! [NULL PvP/Indy Corp]

Are you tired of being a High-sec, Care-bearing waste of space? Are you bored of sitting in a station somewhere, constantly spinning your ship for content? Sick of the sound of your own breathing on the mic monitor?

Well, then pick your clone @$$ off the station floor and move to NULLSEC!

Grabby Inc is currently recruiting both newer and seasoned pilots alike to bolster our ranks. Join our band of brothers, and help take the fight to anything not blue!

Content? We have content. You’ll get so much content that you’ll actually start turning your phone off when you go to sleep to avoid all the pings! Sick of seeing RED on your killboard? Add a few more kills by joining our alliance’s fleet roams and strat-ops. We will even provide a few doctrine ships to get you into the fray right away.

Are you an indy nerd? No problem rockin’ mining, brother. Our indy division does PI, and production from T1 to T3. Plus, we have regular mining fleets with boosts and a 3% Corp tax rate so you don’t have to mine for hours to break even.

“But I still wanna shoot muh rats” What a coincidence, we have those too. Smack dab in the middle of -0.7 drone space, you can shoot rats and get all the escalations you want. If that’s not good enough, we open some wormholes and you can shoot those baddies too! We can help JF your crap out here so you can make things blow up in style.

Enough about us, Let’s talk about you. We don’t have high standards, but we do like to keep it classy.

Requirements include:

  • Minimum 10M Skill Points
  • Full ESI check via Eve-HR
  • Use Discord + TeamSpeak
  • Fluent English
  • 18+ (We are crude, crass, and we don’t plan to change)
  • US, UK, AUS Timezones
  • No affiliations with Goonswarm
  • Insatiable urge to make money

In case you forgot all that stuff at the beginning, I’ll give you a refresher: Rocks = blow up, Reds = blow up, Neuts = blow up, Your Phone = blow up. Blue Gud, Goons Bad.
What are you still doing here? Stop being an oxygen thief and contact our recruiter on discord today!

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