Graveyards - Salvage & salvage upgrades

New scannable site, with “graveyards” to salvage, located around high sec with loads of ships in them destroyed for players to farm salvage.

A Rig building system for station / structure rigs, as well as a cloaky salvage ship with near instant recloak and cloak warpable options.

All of these already exist.
There are entire corps who make a business in trading graveyards to salvage.
Structure rigs can already be build.
Covert ops can fit salvagers, salvaging rigs and istabs to make for fast warping cloaky salvagers.
Learn 2 play.

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Salvage is so low value that almost nobody takes time to recover it. Why would CCP add some ?

Well, once again, BAD IDEA.

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Instead i’d like the server to either:

  • Record how many wrecks (and loot) expire untouched in a system over a period of time and occasionally spawn a site that reflects a ‘graveyard’.
  • Grids that have untouched wrecks eventually spawn a beacon that can be probed down.
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