Gravitational pull

Hello I was wondering if CCP ever thought of giving the planets and moons gravitational pull so ships could sling shot increasing your speed

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Nope. Never seen CCP come close to giving something like that a thought.

I guess it would make people think about how close you would warp to any planet and how you could destroy a ship if you got caught or maybe the gravity would stop once you got close enough to any given planet?

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That sounds pretty complicated from a programming point of view, especially if you give that quality to ammo in addition to ships. Would make battles take longer I’d imagine.


i dont see how that would work with lore of warping:

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Maybe they could have galaxies have some type of nebula gas that keep you from warping all you can do is use your afterburner or micowarp drive and other planets to get to the next gate

it’ll take you literally years to do so at subwarp speeds.

I get a feeling that OP just saw a video about rockets, manmade satellites, probes and (current means of)space travel and just had to suggest to introduce the same in Sci-Fi game about submarines in space…

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That is why you would use the planets to sling shot yourself across you would achieve warp like speed fighting would be extra hard because keeping target lock would be very tricky you most likely would have to be in first person mode and manually controlling your ship so you could land in the gravitational pull of the next planet.

In other words you would be playing leapfrog and fighting at the same time.

If that quality was given to ammo or bombs that would be mind blowing so far I am just thinking of different things I don’t even know how you could program such a thing

Warp speed = FTL speed. Gravitational pulls are not strong enough to to reach that, ever.

Also, apparently “sling shots” were used at some distant past in minmatar history for traveling between planets within solar system, but were not enough for inter-stellar travels: (part 4).

Of course gravitational pull can reach light speed what do you think happens to matter when it reaches a black hole

well, black holes are a completely different beast to planets and even stars.


Since any ship that went faster than light would turn to pure energy and you would have no ship I think gravitational pull give you warp speed :slightly_smiling_face:

(Lore friendly)
Or a device you fit to your ship that makes the depleted Vacuum combined with gravity to reach FTL

you cant slingshot as you warp past planets because your not warping in normal space like star trek, your warping by folding space which is why trips are short and you down die warping through planets and stations

I recommend ED if you want to taste gravity.

Trying to land a freighter on a 10g world is pretty thrilling when you come out of Supercruise only 5km over the planetoid at 2500m/s and climbing as you fall ever faster to the surface and realise your retros dont output the newtons you need to not drive her into the bedrock.

Warp to the sun… and die as you’re pulled in to your doom.

Maybe then more players would read the devblogs. :smirk:


I mean why wouldn’t you take your stripped down, shieldless, max jump range exploraconda with 5d thrusters to Strong G?

You can always just go get another one for free from Hutton Orbital.

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Actually they are 100 credits

I guess they must have jacked up the price due to the constant supply shortages.

Very rich economy, that game.

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It has one?