Great Black Ops Bridge toon!

Deemer pilot for bridging!


great skills for Black Ops bridging!

positive wallet
no Kill rights
no Jump clones
Character location = jita

throw me an Offer

Can you provide a skill board link please

my bad. CCP closed the other post so just copy and pasted the post :smiley: link is working now

What number are you looking for?

got a offer on 9.5 bil in the other thread

if nothing better comes up ill sell it to him tomorrow

9.7 BO right now if you want it

make it 10 and its yours

10 Bil agreed in Game

Hopefully in a chat with you lol… No telling these days

yep confirmed, send money and account name in-game on mail and ill start the transfer

Transfer started!

oh fukin hell! yesterday you wrote this topic wrong, ccp closed it. i really want this toon, and bid for it. But now after i finished work, realize you sold it… cant belive this!


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