Grey Star Wants YOU!

Grey Star Syndicate is a newer corp, part of the Stay Feral alliance, living in Syndicate NPC Null sec. We are based in USTZ, ranging from 00:00 to 06:00 EVE time, and focused in solo - small gang pvp. Real life comes first here so there are no corp CTA’s or alarm clock ops that you need to attend, we try to stay casual. I am looking for members who enjoy shooting faces, creating content, and working towards achieving corp and alliance goals.

  • Regular gate camps
  • Roams
  • Missions, ratting and exploration for isk
  • Occasional Blops
  • Close to Gallente High sec
  • Jump Freighter service for moving in

Looking for:

  • Players with pvp experience
  • Content Creators and FC’s
  • Pilots eager to shoot others
  • Self Sufficient People

You can apply in game and one of us will get back to you in game, Join our discord channel Grey Star Syndicate, or join our public channel “GSS LOUNGE”. We hope to fly with you soon!

Still accepting members who want to make a difference!


Looking for pilots that want to join the fun!

Bump, plenty of pvp to go around.


looking for more!

Looking for others to join the party.


Come fly with us!

Looking for more to shoot things with!


still lookin fer moar doods!


Still taking folks in!


Come get some frags!

Casual shooting

Looking for more folks for roams and camps!

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