Grow with us

We are One-way transport, a small but growing industrial corporation, based in low- and nullsec.

We are currently looking for miner and pve intertested capsulers who want to be part of a tight knit group that opearates mostly in the Placid region. We offer frequently mining fleets with max skilled boosting ships and mission running in well trained groups. Ship losses will be replaced by the corporation for sure.

If you can fly at least a mining ship and remember that this is a game and it should be fun to play, then join us today or caontact me ingame.


  • Boosted mining fleets
  • Buyback programms for Ore, Minerals and PI
  • Free mining ships
  • Voice com
  • Training programms
  • And most importantly a relaxed chilled out spaceship environment, its a game after all


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