GT Nautical Recruitment

Tired of Mega corps with demanding leaders?

Join us here at GT Nautical!

While we are new we are focused on learning as a group and progressing to our goals one step at a time!

We offer regular mining boosts and a relaxed environment. We want to be grow our connections and blueprint library!

Industry is the end game of most mining operations so we want to help our members earn the ISK they deserve by helping them reprocess and gather the proper minerals.

While mining and industry are our focuses we also participate in PvE mission running and in the future wish to go on small gang PvP roams. We wish to keep Eve engaging and active! Feel free to shoot an Eve mail to Tigridia Rotineque if you are interested!

Discord Channel!

discord or contact channel?

Currently creating the discord! My discord @ name is GT Duck#3659

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