Guardian Gala Logs, YC121

Log Fragment 1 (Gala YC121)

121.02.07 09:06.12
To: global.faction

It has come to my attention that many of you are understandably concerned about the potential for a repeat of last year’s interruptions. I would like to assure everyone that we have taken every possible precaution to ensure the sanctity of the event. The Gala has an increased security complement and has been relocated to more discreet pockets of space. This year promises to be our most secure, and dare I say most fun, event ever.

For those of you whose fears have not been allayed, I offer you my personal guarantee that I will not allow for a repeat of last year’s debacle. I would also like to remind you of our standard biomass policy regarding dissent.

Your grateful host,


Log Fragment 2 (Gala YC121)

Recovering fragment…
Audio record 121.02.07 19:11.48
Playing media…

Worried? WORRIED?

I WANT them to come. I can’t WAIT for them to come! Hell, I’m BEGGING for them to come!

These so-called immortals are an itch waiting to get scratched out. Screw the party, I’m gonna make my own nebula out of frozen corpse chunks and capsuleer tears. I’m gonna remind this whole damned cluster that when you step to the Angels, you get stomped.

Log Fragment 3 (Gala YC121)

[PvtChat joined, visible:false]
[121.02.11 10:45.25] plt4929: - dying because the bigwigs wanted to throw a party?
[121.02.11 10:45.36] plt5102: Got to love that hazard pay though.
[systems access granted]
[121.02.11 10:45.41] plt4929: So? I’d rather be planetside raking dirt than up here getting spaced by some egger.
[121.02.11 10:45.43] plt4929: Weird
[121.02.11 10:45.57] plt5102: What?
[121.02.11 10:46.01] plt4929: I think there’s a hissing sound in my headset or something.
[system: initiate(purge)]
[121.02.11 10:46.15] plt5102: Probably a loose wire.
[121.02.11 10:49.21] plt5102: Terry?

Log Fragment 4 (Gala YC121)

Additional Supplies Requisition Request:

10,000 gallons of shrimp
9,000kg of glacial mass (crushed and cubed)
13 additional serving slaves (previous catering experience prefered)
Capsule pinata
Fog machine (booster compatible)
Purple bear costume
Pilots killed scoreboard (a live counter would be great, accuracy not necessary)
Multi-frequency personal security field projector

Log Fragment 5 (Gala YC121)

Recovering Fragment…
Last Update [121.02.11 20:56.31]

Title: Speech notes

For 46 years we’ve been bound not just by contract, but by friendship. A lot has changed in that time; the Sansha incursions, the discovery of new areas of space, the rise of the capsuleer scourge. But some things have stayed the same; people still love our products, we’re all still making a lot of ISK, and we can all still trust in the prosperity brought to us by the Angel-Serpentis pact.

So let’s not dwell on the death and destruction of the past. Instead, this February remember your brother and sister entrepreneur. Send them some love, and save the hostile fire for those who would oppose us.

Together we can make this our greatest year yet - and crush anyone who stands in our way.

Log Fragment 7 (Gala YC121)

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for your inquiry. The reasons for the rejection of your initial insurance application were as follows:

  • Failed blood test
  • Failed urine test
  • Failed neuro-conditioning test
  • Presence of unsanctioned cybernetics
  • Threatening correspondence
  • Planned attendance at the YC121 Guardians Gala

However, thanks to the enthusiastic advocacy of this case made by your associates upon visiting our offices, we are happy to inform you that your request has now been approved.

[Staff name redacted for security reasons]
Applications Officer, Pend Insurance


Log Fragment 6 (Gala YC121)

120.02.23 11:31.09

Dear Editor,

Your publication’s bias against any entrepreneur working beyond the almighty CONCORD’s limits is well known, but your recent coverage has been outrageous even by your standards.

A gathering of like-minded innovators was attacked by individuals who consider themselves above the rest of humanity. By failing to condemn these attacks you are as good as endorsing terrorism.

Despite your anti-business attitude, the free thinkers of New Eden will not be intimidated by these terrorists. I promise you if they are foolish enough to return next year you will find yourself telling a very different story.

Log Fragment 8 (Gala YC121)

121.01.07 15:01.49
To: instructors.fleet

Command understands the desire to prepare recruits for the upcoming event, but all references to “the immortal threat” must cease. Now.

Our enemies die the same as anyone else. The only difference is that when you watch a capsuleer die, you might get the pleasure of a repeat performance.

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What happened last year?

Mr Zeppo, unfortunately I do not know as I was not a participant in crashing their event the last time that they held these parties.

Nothing said about how Concord allowing Carriers warp in the event at hi-sec?

It is Pirates we’re talking about; last I checked they are not on friendly terms with Concord, so I don’t think Angel Cartel or Serpentis care much about what Concord think they can or can’t do.

They eat shrimps.
The decadent moguls of serpentis corporates apparently must love shrimps.

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