Guardians Gala! Gankers on the move (warning)

Attention! CORP-NAME-HERE Gankers corp active in POINEN and nearby systems.
They target every BS or CRUISER doing the EVENT.
I’ve been ganked by 20 Catalysts and lost 2Bil Golem.

What a start!

Calm down miner.


Guardians Gala is actually a ganking event.

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Yea, rats tackle you, untill “rescue” arrive :slightly_smiling_face:

Sounds like some elite pvp… can i get a youtube clip?

I was asleep, I didn’t record. I didn’t see the ganker squad move in the system. I wasn’t sleeping from three days and my eyes just shut down. I was dead center on the beacon, with a Gank member in the system. Next time I opened my eyes I had 19 catalysts on me, 500DPS each. My bastion stopped 5 seconds after they already scrambled me, and I was scrambled by Gala NPC anyway. I knew I was dead. I made to save my Pod. I downgraded all my Golems modules to T2 because I knew it was a risky business using a Marauder, before committing this suicide event mission.
But I was pissed of losing every single Contest by Golems and Vargurs. So I decided to risk.
The first site I went in, I got ganked by 19 Catalysts and the Tengu killed the MTU with the modules.
I can only say that Marauders should get banned from these Events.

They pulled out some 5000 combined DPS, and even if I OH everything, my Shield tank went down in two hits, approx 10 secs and I was in my Pod. A Praxis was on the scene as well and I don’t know if he got ganked too. They didn’t get any fancy module, but I lost a 1.5bil ship.

Marauders should get banned from these events.
I know if I wasn’t asleep I would have had time to warp off as soon as they warped in the system.
I was asleep.
But i’d like to see Marauders get banned anywway.
Or add a warp gate that would require a key to unlock, so it would buy us preys
a little more time, like the Dr WHO events, make them a little harder for gankers?

It’s really too easy for gankers these days to get a kill…

You can get this. This is what I was flying before Marauders kicked in and contested the site.
Obviously THEY Golems and Praxis didn’t get ganked! Probably they did get a sleep as well… unlike me…

I am calm. I was asleep.
I am more pissed with myself than gankers, which
does their job apparently very good :slight_smile:
Kudos for sparing my Pod. That was honorable.
Ya know, solo players these days has to pay to play…
Mining is out of question…

I would like to see Marauders banned from running these events anyway.
I’m just too unlucky. That was my first and only try with a Golem and I got killed
on my first and only try without even finishing one… whilst other uses Marauders, they ALWAYS steal my loot, and get out. NEVER seen a Marauder getting ganked whilst I was in my Vexor…

You could have killed the Praxis but no.
You chose me.
Next time kill a Praxis instead, make a service to the community!

You should thank @Cliff_Ozuwara for dunking you.

Lol, I have said anything against Cliff, we had a civilian chat afterwards, that’s it.
The thread moved to Warp gate keys always under Events, if you’d like to partecipate.
I was glad I wasn’t podded!

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